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Thrifty BALLARD – New for 2018 Jan 17, 2018 by dgv

New for 2018, wall-mounted BALLARD is named for a popular old Seattle neighborhood with an amiably thrifty personality.  EnergyStar certified and ADA compliant, BALLARD is the first fixture in a new program of well-priced fixtures targeted especially at multiple-unit residential projects.

BALLARD employs a compact dedicated universal voltage light engine with integral driver and phase control dimming.  Its shade is fully enclosed:  Xorel fabric is stretched over a bent high-impact copolymer sheet with frosted high-impact copolymer end caps.  There are no visible fasteners.

6″ x 6″ x 3.5” deep
10 Watt LED, 2700K, 955 lumens
TRIAC/ELV 10% dimming

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Grab the Brass Ring! Dec 29, 2017 by dgv

Men admire the man who can organize their wishes and thoughts in stone and wood and steel and brass.     Ralph Waldo Emerson

We look forward to creating something special for you in 2018!

BOMBER:  36″ diameter, 40W LED, antique brass finish (brass plated, hand patinated)

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WSECU Bellevue branch Dec 22, 2017 by dgv

SkB Architects specified three Savoye fixtures to enhance the seating area at the Bellevue branch of WSECU.  Fixtures are 32” and 36” in diameter, 9” tall, satin black metal finish, Carnegie Hoop Embroider #6785-8131 shade fabric.

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The Metropolitan Grill Aug 29, 2017 by dgv

Pleased with the custom fixtures produced for Heartwood Provisions, owner Consolidated Restaurants returned to RESOLUTE to assist in refining and renovating the interior of its iconic Metropolitan Grill steakhouse, as part of a greater operational infrastructure overhaul.

The Metropolitan Grill originally opened in the heart of Seattle’s financial district in 1951.  The classic steakhouse is housed in the historic Marion Building, completed in 1903.  Design of The Metropolitan Grill complements and highlights the building’s original detailing.

Wall illumination was shifted from beacon-style plastic shades to a wash of light emphasizing warm wood paneling.  The twenty-nine 18” x  11.5” wall fixtures are an extension of RESOLUTE’s Bonneville concept: radius-bent steel shades with a black oxide finish, burnished brass reflector illuminated by four 5.5W Philips HUE white ambiance LED lamps.

Color and intensity of Philips HUE LED lamps is fully adjustable via WiFi.

Forty-four 12.5” tall hard-mounted table fixtures continue the tradition of banker’s lamps, while improving on quality and reducing scale to address servers’ request for more space on tables.  Intimate pools of light are cast by burnished brass reflectors inside 4.5” hand-blown glass shades — blue-green to match the new banquette upholstery.  All brass parts were made in-house, silver soldered and burnished.  The reflector was cut on RESOLUTE’s CAD/CAM router and rolled on a mandrel, the chassis integrating lamp holder, reflector, glass and arm was 3D-printed in UL-rated filament.  The table fixture is lit with one 5.5W Philips HUE white ambiance LED lamp.

Sixty-six matching blue-green glass votives were hand blown to hold liquid paraffin lamps — for use on movable tables.  RESOLUTE’s near neighbor, Urban Hardwoods, provided a chunk of “living” Madrone from its sawmill for the glass mold.  The mold was shaped on RESOLUTE’s router.

Twelve large existing chandeliers were updated with new blackened steel trim and Philips HUE LED lamps.

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Avennia Winery Feb 20, 2017 by dgv

Boxwood Designs placed a custom 3‘x 3’ square cluster of nine PURITY pendants at the entrance of the new 1,000 sf tasting room for Avennia Winery in Woodinville, WA.  Six OTTO G9 pendants hang over the tasting counter.   Four additional PURITY pendants and two UTILITY ADA Wall fixtures are located elsewhere in the project.  All fixtures have an “oil rubbed” bronze powder coat finish.

Boxwood Designs also created Avennia’s brand and packaging design.  Avennia was inspired by the Roman name for the city of Avignon; Avennia’s winemaking goal is to evoke clarity: clarity of place, clarity of type, clarity of purpose.  Resolute fixtures are ideally suited to reinforcing that vision.

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CHORUS Dec 20, 2016 by dgv
Coming in 2017: CHORUS, a system of unifying rings, bars, even free-form shapes that offer new potential for organizing PURITY and UTILITY heads and pendants.
Shown on our home page: a 46” diameter CHORUS ring displaying a variety of PURITY, UTILITY and UTILITY GRAND heads.

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Mosquito Dec 5, 2016 by dgv

Resolute introduces a new family of fixtures:  The Woods

First in the family to appear is MOSQUITO.  MOSQUITO is formed of sustainable, lightweight, marine-grade Okoume plywood, cut on our CNC router, assembled, stained and sealed, then wrapped in Carnegie Fabric’s Xorel.  A polycarbonate disk smoothes and diffuses the LED array bed illumination.

Lutron dimming is equally suitable to whole building and single room solutions.  0-10v dimming is also available.

This 48″ diameter MOSQUITO is wrapped in Carnegie’s “Strata 6625-40″.

MOSQUITOs are hand built to order in our Seattle facility.

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Pagliacci Mercer Island Nov 21, 2016 by dgv

The Mercer Island Pagliacci location, its 26th, opened in September 2016.  To light the mid-century modern dining room, architect Floisand Studio specified three Bomber pendants with red painted interiors and eight Smith 10-14 pendants with Xorel Meteor 6427-226 shades.

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ASTERIX Oct 19, 2016 by dgv

ASTERIX is a lighthearted way to dress up the elegantly utilitarian PURITY.

An actual asterisk, or a shape (within design parameters) from your own imagination, can replace PURITY’s round or square face plate.
Add color, more fun!
ASTERIX / PURITY hardware can be painted, powder coated or satin anodized aluminum.
ASTERIX is cut to order on Resolute’s CNC router.
PURITY is a system of architectural lamp holders for medium-base (E26) lamps — a simple solution to often complex lighting puzzles.  PURITY offers a variety of pendant, rigid drop, ceiling and ADA compliant wall mounted configurations.
PURITY is a member of our SOLUTIONS group, sharing an integrated system of parts with its counterpart UTILITY.

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…something more majestic and stable Aug 29, 2016 by dgv

A small machine is ideal for short flights, joy riding the heavens, or sight seeing among the clouds; but there is something more majestic and stable about the big bombers which a pilot begins to love. An exquisite community grows up between machine and pilot; each, as it were, merges into the other. The machine is rudimentary and the pilot the intellectual force. The levers and controls are the nervous system of the machine, through which the will of the pilot may be expressed — and expressed to an infinitely fine degree. A flying-machine is something entirely apart from and above all other contrivances of man’s ingenuity.

The aeroplane is the nearest thing to animate life that man has created. In the air a machine ceases indeed to be a mere piece of mechanism; it becomes animate and is capable not only of primary guidance and control, but actually of expressing a pilot’s temperament.

— Sir Ross Smith, K.B.E., March 1921

Inspiration was drawn from Seattle’s history of aeronautical construction for BOMBER, a 36” diameter hand-shaped aluminum shade with paired aluminum solid rivet connections.

Shade fabrication is completed entirely on site in Resolute’s shop: the composite LED array bed is cut on the CNC router; metal panels are sheared, hand beaten, smoothed on an English wheel, bead rolled, and finally hand rubbed.

The 40W universal voltage fixtures are illuminated with six LED array modules.  A Lutron driver offers the smoothest and most gradual fade-to-black dimming available and is equally suitable to whole building and single room solutions.  Daylighting, motion sensors, and remote control functions are all supported.  0-10v dimming is also available.

Openings in the top array bed allow gentle reflected uplight.  A lightweight fabric bottom diffusion disk removes easily for cleaning.

Custom interior shade color, company graphics, contrasting rivets, colorful cloth covered cord, or other embellishment can make the fixture unique to its location.

BOMBERS are hand crafted to order.

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