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BOX 24 / BOX 36
Jan 10, 2012 by dgv

BOX 24 and BOX 36 have been in for a day at the spa and have come out refreshed. We decided to change the finish on the trim to special silver or bronze powder coat. We felt the anodized finishes were hard to appreciate in the shadows of the illuminated shades and therefore did not warrant the extra trouble. As result the prices have dropped on both models. We have also shifted our 1% dimming model to a newer generation Lutron Hi-lume 3D ballast. This has dropped 1% dimming to the same price as the 10% EcoSystem option. Although not dimming to 1%, the EcoSystem ballasts offer more comprehensive control system integration. Choosing the correct ballast should be done by a professional lighting planner. Dimming ballasts must be coordinated with building wiring and control systems. Although we prefer Lutron ballasts and offer them as our standards, we can use other dimming ballasts such as the popular Advance Mark VII and Mark 10, on request.

All information on these models has been updated.

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