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Expanded Palette of Fabrics for 2014
Jan 15, 2014 by dgv

RESOLUTE’s stock shade fabrics now include Gold Level Cradle-to-Cradle certified options.  Textile manufacturer Carnegie has introduced an innovative Biobased XOREL — the first high-performance interior textile in the world with a majority of plant-based content.

The new fabric contains 60 to 85% bio content, depending on pattern; US standards require only 25% bio content to be labeled biobased.   XOREL bio content is derived from sugar cane, sugar cane production has lower carbon emission rates than even beet or corn production.  The new product looks and performs exactly the same as the original XOREL.  Scraps and material at the end of its useful life can be returned to Carnegie for recycling or waste-to-energy conversion.

New Resolute stock fabrics in Biobased XOREL include:  Dash 6603-27; 29; 30; 36 and Strie 6423-802.

PROSPERITY, SAVOYE, SMITH, and PUNCHEON&LINTEL fixture families have XOREL shades.  Non-stock XOREL fabrics can easily be accommodated.

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