Resolute White Papers

Feb 18, 2014 by dgv

PUNCHEON — a superb system of upright cylindrical shades for LED and fluorescent applications.

RESOLUTE has expanded the PUNCHEON family to include 5 standard shades sizes in cord-hung and rigid-stem mounted pendant, ceiling-mounted, and wall-mounted versions.  PUNCHEON shades may also be adapted for rigid-stem table mounting.

Standard sizes for PUNCHEON cylinders include 5.5” and 10” diameters; heights range from 9” to 20”.   All Puncheon fixtures are offered with E26 or GU24 lamp holders for energy-efficient long-lived LED or self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps.

PUNCHEON shades are closed on top and bottom;  satin clear high impact copolymer top and bottom diffusion disks are permanently affixed to shade sides.    Shade sides are comprised of an impact resistant copolymer covered with Carnegie Fabric’s XOREL fabric.  XOREL is an incredibly durable, easily cleaned, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, colorfast, woven polyethylene.   Resolute stocks a palette of twelve XOREL options, many other colors, weaves and embroidered patterns can be specified.

PUNCHEON employs the same shade construction method as the large horizontal beam-shaped LINTEL family of fixtures.

Satin clear anodized aluminum and “oil rubbed bronze” powder coat hardware finishes are available.

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