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Oct 19, 2016 by dgv

ASTERIX is a lighthearted way to dress up the elegantly utilitarian PURITY.

An actual asterisk, or a shape (within design parameters) from your own imagination, can replace PURITY’s round or square face plate.
Add color, more fun!
ASTERIX / PURITY hardware can be painted, powder coated or satin anodized aluminum.
ASTERIX is cut to order on Resolute’s CNC router.
PURITY is a system of architectural lamp holders for medium-base (E26) lamps — a simple solution to often complex lighting puzzles. ┬áPURITY offers a variety of pendant, rigid drop, ceiling and ADA compliant wall mounted configurations.
PURITY is a member of our SOLUTIONS group, sharing an integrated system of parts with its counterpart UTILITY.

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