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PCC Natural Market – Greenlake Village
Jun 30, 2014 by dgv

The 10th PCC Natural Market opened in early June 2013 in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood.  It is the largest location to date at 27,000 sf.

Three Resolute SAVOYE pendants greet shoppers at the entry; shades are Ø36” x 12” high covered in Carnegie Fabrics Xorel Dash 6603-9.   The SAVOYEs are lit with 4x 26 W “double” G24q-3 CFL lamps.

Eight  DAVID 14 Pendants suspended on stainless steel aircraft cable line the glass storefront.   DAVID 14 shades measure Ø10” x 14” high and are formed from 1/16” Imago from Knoll Textiles in Allure Orchid.  The DAVID 14s are lit with 26 W “double” G24q-3 CFL lamps.

PCC Natural Markets is a certified organic grocery store & Seattle co-op specializing in natural food, organic produce and natural meat.  It is the largest consumer-owned natural food retail co-operative in the United States with more than 52,000 members; it started as a food-buying club of 15 families in 1953.

The store design team included Seattle-based VELOCIPEDE Architects, Bruce Hale Design Studios, dark / light (architectural lighting) and Woodman Construction of Bellevue, WA.  The store design features a number of environmentally-responsible features to minimize its carbon footprint  while maximizing shopping ambience.

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Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center
Dec 3, 2013 by dgv

The new Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center, a $173 million hospital located in southeastern Missouri, opened its doors in early 2013.  The 8-story, 250-bed facility was designed by Thomas, Miller & Partners, LLC of Brentwood, TN.   Design and construction of this replacement facility was accomplished in only 18 months.

Thomas, Miller & Partners lit up the 420,00 sf facility with over 270 Resolute fixtures, all have shades comprised of Imago Allure Meditation resin from Knoll.  Fixtures include BOX 14 and 36 Wall, DAVID 10 Ceiling and Pendant, DAVID 21 Ceiling, DAVID 28 Pendant.  BLOOM LED makes a bold statement over the main entry stair.

RESOLUTE products are available through Illuminations Contract Lighting, Inc. in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

Photography by Rion Rizzo, Creative Sources Photography

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CUSTOM IMAGO PENDANT for Group Health Puyallup
Jul 26, 2012 by dgv

Eight custom pod-shaped pendants were created for the lobby of Group Health’s Puyallup facility.   Ten strips of Knoll Textiles’ Imago Lintel “White Light” contribute a bright, sophisticated, satiny look to the organic form of the 30” tall outer shade.  An inner diffuser of high-impact acrylic softens the light produced by two 24 watt high output T5 lamps.

The pendant is fully enclosed — appropriate to a hospital setting.  The top is enclosed with a white powder-coated steel disk set in an opal white acrylic outer ring, the bottom has a removable opal white acrylic disk for access to lamps for replacement.

Fixtures are ceiling mounted on 1/2” diameter stainless steel tubing.

Group Health Reception

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May 17, 2012 by dgv

RESOLUTE embraces new lighting technology; we strive to provide the most pleasing illumination quality possible while remaining respectful of energy efficiencies, user operation costs, and environmental/disposal considerations.

As new illumination technologies adapt to the familiar Edison-base screw-shell format, the ability to intelligently adapt a single fixture to diverse lighting applications increases significantly.

The Edison base screw-shell format is now available in four illumination technologies:

Standard Incandescent

Incandescent lamps provide rich light quality, excellent “comfort” (warm) color rendering and controllability.  Incandescent offers what is generally considered the most aesthetically pleasing light but it is the least energy efficient. Because of the energy penalty, the incandescent lamp is slated to be phased out. Other options follow.

Screw-shell CFL

The screw-shell CFL lamp with integrated ballast offers a relatively long operating life and is energy efficient.  Self-ballasted lamps do not perform to the level that dedicated “four-pin” CFL lamps do, but late generation types like the Sylvania Mini-Twist produce pleasant light efficiently at a good value. There are few dimming options for screw-shell CFL lamps however. Fluorescent lamps contain small amounts of mercury, creating disposal issues.


Halogen is a form of incandescent technology; halogen lamps are 30% more efficient than traditional incandescent lamps. A halogen gas replaces the inert gas in a standard incandescent and the lamp is run at a higher filament temperature. At this high heat, the tungsten burning off the filament combines with the halogen gas and is re-deposited on the filament in a repeating cycle — dramatically extending the life of the filament. This allows for a smaller filament, further improving performance especially in aimed applications. Special quartz glass is used for the “bulb” to withstand the higher heat. Dimming control is straightforward and effective. Lamp life is longer than traditional incandescent but shorter than fluorescent.


New LED technology offers the longest life span and best energy efficiency. LED is mercury free and provides better color rendition than CFL. While more expensive than CFL, it is less prone to flickering.  Achieving good all-around light from LED sources has been challenging. While the technology offers the best balance overall, it has performed poorly in decorative applications. Latest generation screw-shell LED, like the Sylvania Ultra LED A19 Omnidirectional, promises substantial improvement in this area. LED generally offers excellent dimming control, screw-in versions presently dim adequately. LED has the highest up-front cost but long life and energy efficiency offset that over time.

We thought a visual comparison of incandescent, CFL and LED technologies would be interesting.  We photographed three of our fixtures, Box, Markee and Otto, using a standard A-lamp incandescent, a Sylvania Mini Twist and a Sylvania Ultra LED A19 Omnidirectional.  Other conditions remained constant.

Top to bottom: Box – Imago shade, Markee – aramid shade, Otto – opal white glass.
Left to right: Incandescent, CFL, LED.

incandescent cfl led
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BOX 24 / BOX 36
Jan 10, 2012 by dgv

BOX 24 and BOX 36 have been in for a day at the spa and have come out refreshed. We decided to change the finish on the trim to special silver or bronze powder coat. We felt the anodized finishes were hard to appreciate in the shadows of the illuminated shades and therefore did not warrant the extra trouble. As result the prices have dropped on both models. We have also shifted our 1% dimming model to a newer generation Lutron Hi-lume 3D ballast. This has dropped 1% dimming to the same price as the 10% EcoSystem option. Although not dimming to 1%, the EcoSystem ballasts offer more comprehensive control system integration. Choosing the correct ballast should be done by a professional lighting planner. Dimming ballasts must be coordinated with building wiring and control systems. Although we prefer Lutron ballasts and offer them as our standards, we can use other dimming ballasts such as the popular Advance Mark VII and Mark 10, on request.

All information on these models has been updated.

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Dec 6, 2011 by dgv

SAVOYE is a flexible system of large scale drum shade light fixtures suitable for a diverse range of applications.

The scheme incorporates double layer side diffusion and offers 100% bottom closure. Top closure is optional. The design has been optimized for effective, flattering fluorescent illumination. Dimming is fully supported.

The SAVOYE system has been designed to offer complete flexibility in drums and cylinders ranging from 32″ to 60″ diameter. Size and proportion are the designer’s choice. Shade ht. is only limited by materials constraints so anywhere from 9″ to 94″ high.

Shade material choices include a vast selection of resin panels from Knoll, 3form and Lumicor or high impact co-polymer covered with any of Carnegie’s extensive XOREL fabric collection. Savoye offers flexible finish options on the metal structure.

The resulting product is supremely durable.

Savoye is UL Listed.

Link to product page: SAVOYE in Carnegie XOREL
Link to product page: SAVOYE in various materials

Savoy System

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Nov 14, 2011 by dgv

Seattle Genetics

Project design: Stock & Associates

This Custom Beam Pendant illustrates our capability to create variations of our regular products to fit specific project needs. In this case the custom product is a variation on BOX 3.

Fully enclosed shade consists of an opal white acrylic inner diffusion box and a Lumicor Pearl Milan outer screen. 32W linear fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast. Satin clear anodized and dull silver hardware. Lamp chassis/ reflector is gloss white. Suspended by stainless steel aircraft cables. Fixture is 50.5″ x 8.55″ x 8.5″ high.

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Sep 22, 2011 by dgv

This blog post is the start of a more or less weekly program to present recent custom projects.


Restaurant – Seattle, Washington

Designer: Graham Baba Architects

Custom Imago “beam” with black iron details. Custom Imago “starbursts” with black iron details. repurposed surplus glass pendants. Custom David 5 ADA corridor sconces.

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Dec 2, 2010 by dgv

Around the time Resolute shifted emphasis from “paper” to “glass” in the late 90’s we also investigated pushing our “Paper Lights” approach past expectations. At that time we produced a series of paper like lights utilizing very thin chemically etched stainless steel sheet. From a design point of view, I think the Button series is among the best products we have produced to date.

Button Wall/ Ceiling

Alas, commercial success was not possible due to cost and scale limitations. This led us to investigate “plastic” alternatives. We found a suitable material in PETG. More or less simultaneously, Knoll Textiles launched a line of sheet goods with their fabrics embedded in PETG – Imago. This added richness and visual interest to a functional material. Bloom was our first product using Imago. Bloom is reborn this year with 14W/ 800 lumen LED illumination.

Bloom, shown here in Tiki, Meditation and Ginseng in various positions

Following Bloom, Box and David quickly became Resolute’s products of emphasis. Resolute entered the “Knoll Textiles” era. We had no difficulty scaling production as we had with glass. The vastly increased flexibility to produce allowed us to grow quickly and to handle very large projects. Further, the design of David in particular was optimized to allow easy project variation. Paralleling Resolute’s product evolution from Paper to Glass to Plastic (or resin in market-speak) was a corresponding evolution from retail, to design, to true contract distribution channels.

David 16 Pendant, Mercury Gold; Box 3 Pendant, Progeny Neon (colors discontinued)

Changes to BOX for 2010 include adding BOX CFL Wall to the regular catalog and new models BOX 24 Wall/ Ceiling and BOX 36 Wall. BOX CFL is ADA compliant. BOX 24 and BOX 36 are T5 tube fixtures, ADA compliant, multi-directional and suitable for pairing with a wide variety of state of the art, daylighting and dimming control systems.

Box CFL Wall in Orchid, Ginseng and Whisper Warm

Box 24 Wall/ Ceiling Ginseng, may be mounted horizontally or vertically

Changes to DAVID for 2010 include adding DAVID 28 to the regular catalog and shifting the entire product group to a “fluorescent first” attitude. Incandescent sales are the exception for us now. DAVID fixtures have been optimized to reflect that. Most models are available in dimming fluorescent.

DAVID 28 Pendant, Tiki, two lamp and four lamp versions available

DAVID 10 CFL Wall, Progeny Blonde; DAVID 23 CFL Pendant, Tiki; DAVID 16 CFL Pendant, Willow

We have also added the Imago pattern “Whisper” to our regular catalog. Whisper is offered with either neutral or warm diffusion behind it.

David 21 CFL Pendant, Whisper with neutral diffusion

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