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MOSQUITOs cluster in Seattle office
Jun 26, 2018 by dgv

The design team of SABArchitects, Robin Dalton Design and Nell Studio asked Resolute to scale up MOSQUITO to better suit a Seattle office space.  Twelve each of 48″, 60″ and 72″ diameter by 18″ tall fixtures are sprinkled throughout the project.

MOSQUITO is a member of THE WOODS family of fixtures.   MOSQUITO is formed of sustainable, lightweight, marine-grade Okoume plywood.  The frame is cut on Resolute’s CNC router, assembled, stained, sealed, then wrapped in Carnegie Fabric’s Xorel.  The shade fabric selected for this location is “Nexus” 6435-901.

A high-impact copolymer bottom diffuser smoothes 80W universal voltage LED illumination dimmed with a 0-10V Osram 1% driver.  Clear jacket electrical cord and stainless steel aircraft cables complete the look.

Design of Resolute’s MOSQUITO fixture was inspired by one of the fastest operational aircraft in the world at the time it went into battle for the British — in 1941.  To preserve scarce metal reserves and to speed production, the plane was made from pieces of wood, pressed and glued together in molds, earning it the nickname ‘The Wooden Wonder’.  The original Mosquito was designed by Sir Geoffrey de Havilland.

MOSQUITO light fixtures are hand built to order in Resolute’s Seattle facility.

Project designers also specified 112 rigid stem PROSPERITY fixtures — with 30″ diameter by 12″ tall Xorel shades wrapped in Carnegie Xorel “Prism” 6621-160 — and 10 STURGIS fixtures with 18″ tall aluminum shades in a bronze powdered coat finish.

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WSECU Bellevue branch
Dec 22, 2017 by dgv

SkB Architects specified three Savoye fixtures to enhance the seating area at the Bellevue branch of WSECU.  Fixtures are 32” and 36” in diameter, 9” tall, satin black metal finish, Carnegie Hoop Embroider #6785-8131 shade fabric.

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Dec 5, 2016 by dgv

Resolute introduces a new family of fixtures:  The Woods

First in the family to appear is MOSQUITO.  MOSQUITO is formed of sustainable, lightweight, marine-grade Okoume plywood, cut on our CNC router, assembled, stained and sealed, then wrapped in Carnegie Fabric’s Xorel.  A polycarbonate disk smoothes and diffuses the LED array bed illumination.

Lutron dimming is equally suitable to whole building and single room solutions.  0-10v dimming is also available.

This 48″ diameter MOSQUITO is wrapped in Carnegie’s “Strata 6625-40”.

MOSQUITOs are hand built to order in our Seattle facility.

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Pagliacci Mercer Island
Nov 21, 2016 by dgv

The Mercer Island Pagliacci location, its 26th, opened in September 2016.  To light the mid-century modern dining room, architect Floisand Studio specified three Bomber pendants with red painted interiors and eight Smith 10-14 pendants with Xorel Meteor 6427-226 shades.

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Dunn Motors Apartments
Jun 2, 2016 by dgv

Designer Greg Quist selected three 60” diameter dedicated LED Savoyes to enhance the new 2-story lobby of the Dunn Motors Apartments on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

The rigid stem mounted Savoye shades are 24” tall and covered in Carnegie Fabric’s Xorel Strie 6423-802.   Fixtures each use 80 watts to provide 9062 source lumens and are equipped with Lutron H-series 1% dimming.

The project was developed by Hunters Capital, a boutique real estate company dedicated to restoring and revitalizing Seattle’s Pike/Pine neighborhood.  Studio Meng Strazzara was the architect.

An existing 1925 historic building façade was retained and renovated; new construction expanded the project to 8 stories and 89 housing units, plus retail and office space.

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PROSPERITY revamped for 2016
Apr 7, 2016 by dgv

The adaptability of the PROSPERITY family of fixtures has been updated and enhanced for 2016.  PROSPERITY 16, 22, 36, and the new 30-12 pendants (shade: 30″ bottom diameter, 29″ top diameter, 12″ high) now offer dedicated LED array illumination.

LED drivers are programmed in-house, allowing us to engineer lumen output and corresponding wattage to suit project requirements.

Maximum outputs are:
N16P: 2,346 source lumens at 21.5 watts
N22P: 3,487 source lumens at 31.7 watts
N3012P: 4,910 source lumens at 40 watts
N36P: 4,910 source lumens at 40 watts

Clear windows in the solid top lid emit a soft, reflected uplight flow.  We offer a standard LED color temperature of 3,000K.  Phase control, 0-10V and Lutron dimming options are available.

PROSPERITY is conceived as a versatile, adaptable light fixture system offering designers an interchangeable array of size, proportion and color options.  The clean, sealed fixture design incorporates a technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable shade fabric.  The highly durable woven polyethylene textile from Carnegie Fabrics is inherently anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-staph, water repellant and stain resistant.  PROSPERITY is ideal for hospital, medical office, hotel, and other demanding public applications — as well as suitable for residential use.

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The Nature Conservancy Seattle
Feb 26, 2016 by dgv

Seattle-based SABArchitects and Robin Dalton Design collaborated with Resolute to create custom fixtures for new The Nature Conservancy offices in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market neighborhood.

Inspiration was drawn from Seattle’s history of aeronautic construction for the ten 43” diameter hand-shaped aluminum shades with brass solid rivet connections.  Shade fabrication was completed entirely on-site in Resolute’s shop: composite LED array bed and bottom diffusion disk were cut on the CNC router; metal parts were sheared, hand beaten, smoothed on an English wheel, bead rolled, and finished with a hand-rubbed lustre polish.  Fixtures are illuminated with the same down- and uplight LED array assemblies utilized in the Savoye family of fixtures.

Twelve rigid-mounted LED Savoye fixtures with uplight modules hang in conversation rooms.  Savoye shades are Ø42” x 12” high and Ø32” x 9” high, bronze powdercoat metal finish, custom textured “Tangle” Xorel 6213-7.

Fixtures are linked to sensor-activated 0-10V dimming controls.

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Custom Metalwork for Heartwood Provisions
Jan 7, 2016 by dgv

Skidmore Janette, architect, collaborated with Resolute to create a custom focal point for the new Heartwood Provisions restaurant in downtown Seattle.

Design of the fixture was fully developed in CAD, yet is still very much a product of careful handcrafting in the Resolute metal shop.
The resulting impressive Ø72” fixture is jig welded from laser cut steel sections and rolled steel plates complimented by a hand-rubbed black oxide and wax finish.  The fixture features ten downward facing interior tubes holding 14W LED E26 (medium base, screw in) lamps.  The blackened tubes are roll-formed steel with a subtle bead-rolled detail and are finished on the inside with a decorative copper band with hand-rubbed “old penny” finish.
Weighing in at nearly 250 pounds, simplicity of installation was paramount.  The support structure was installed first, then the decorative ring hooked on with turnbuckles.  Electrical connections were made last.  The structure of the ring provides the accessible wiring enclosure.  Provisions were made for easy alignment and leveling.
Heartwood Provisions will specialize in contemporary American cuisine; the restaurant opens in early 2016 at 1103 First Avenue (First & Spring).  Wilcox Construction is the general contractor.
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SMITH LED Ceiling: a sleeker profile
Aug 11, 2015 by dgv

Smith 22 Ceiling

New in-house manufacturing capabilities created an opportunity to redesign the Smith LED ceiling fixtures for a tighter ceiling-hugging profile; advances in LED technology allow us to offer both a wider selection of dimming driver options plus higher lumen output.

Smith 17, 22, and 28 inch diameter LED ceiling fixtures retain the same elegant shade proportions, the overall drop from ceiling has been reduced by a full inch.

New LED arrays translate into a nearly 50% increase in lumen output in a Smith 22 fixture, for example.  Our improved slate of phase control, 0-10V, and a range of Lutron dimming drivers meets the needs of any modern or retrofit dimming system.

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Adding DETAILS to a perfect cylinder
Oct 28, 2014 by dgv

RESOLUTE is pleased to debut Carnegie Fabric’s new Xorel DETAILS on PUNCHEON, our system of upright cylindrical fixtures.

The sleek simplicity of PUNCHEON pairs perfectly with the abundant texture of DETAILS fabrics.  Bulkier yarns, denser weaves and metallic colors increase the visual richness of the surface; PUNCHEON’s luminosity enhances the impact.

PUNCHEON shades are offered in two standard diameters: 5.5″ and 10″.  Heights range from 9″ to 20″.  RESOLUTE offers a full menu of wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, rigid-stem and cord-hung versions.

Shades can be illuminated with medium-base LED or GU24 fluorescent lamps.

Carnegie Xorel DETAILS  fabrics are offered as a custom alternative to RESOLUTE’s standard Xorel palette. DETAILS fabrics may also be specified for other SOLUTIONS FABRICS fixtures on an order-by-order basis.

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