Resolute closed its glass shop in 2009 after 12 years at the top of its field. Resolute was renown for its extremely high quality, high craft glass work, unrivaled except by a few of the very best shops in Italy.

Through our ongoing, careful attention to sustainability issues, we came to realize a certain hypocrisy hiding behind the allure of hand crafted glass. The process, as practiced in our small shop, is extremely energy intensive. Disproportionately so. Further, the nearly medieval “craft” working conditions are difficult to reconcile with a modern, post industrial workforce.

After a very thorough two-year worldwide search, has shifted its production glass source to a superb factory in Slovenia. This factory’s larger scale offers tremendous advantages in energy consumption and efficiency. Flexibility is certainly reduced but on balance, we feel this is the correct (if difficult) choice. We have visited the factory and are comfortable with both the working and environmental conditions. We were not comfortable with most of our other options.

Our glass shop director, Alex Maughan, remains as a full time part of our design team and Resolute continues to tackle custom glass projects from time to time working with our former artisans and using the outstanding public glass facilities available in Seattle.

Our new glass source offers superior quality and outstanding value.