Solutions Fabric

SOLUTIONS FABRIC product families SMITH, PROSPERITY, PUNCHEON and SAVOYE utilize XOREL fabrics from Carnegie.

XOREL is a woven polyethylene textile.

Technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable, XOREL requires low energy to manufacture and has no chlorine content, plasticizers or heavy metals. Nothing is added to the woven XOREL product to enhance performance. All its properties: durability, cleanability and colorfastness are inherent to the yarn itself. Most stains can be removed simply with a cloth dipped in hot water. XOREL’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-staph nature and its ability to prevent bacterial strikethrough make it an ideal shade material for hospitals, hotels and other public applications.

SOLUTIONS FABRIC fixtures combine XOREL shade coverings with highly developed hardware solutions. SMITH is an updated variation on the proven DAVID system where the IMAGO shade sections have been replaced with supremely durable XOREL covered high impact copolymer sheet.

PROSPERITY and PUNCHEON were developed with XOREL in mind.  They offer a familiar look coupled with superior technical performance. They have been designed to bring a touch of softness to the most difficult and highly regulated conditions;PROSPERITY and PUNCHEON fixtures offer 100% enclosure and very carefully developed diffusion. Material performance characteristics for all component parts of the fixtures are outstanding. PROSPERITY and PUNCHEON excel where other fixtures dare not go!

Resolute’s flagship product is SAVOYE.  This supremely flexible system of very large, very high performance drums is unequaled where expectations are the most demanding.  SAVOYE marries the strengths of XOREL with other advanced composites.


• Water Repellent

• Stain Resistant

• Easily cleaned or bleached

• Anti-Bacterial

• Inherently Flame Retardant

• Colorfast/Solution Dyed

• Lightfast

• Durable

• Doesn’t pill or fuzz

• Dimensionally stable

• Incredibly strong


• Chlorine Free

• Emits low VOCs

• No harmful chemicals into landfills

• Can be incinerated

• Longer service life = less material into the waste stream

• 100% recyclable

• No added finishes or dyes

• MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified Silver


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