Solutions Systems

Resolute is a kit of parts ready to be employed to solve problems. We have developed an extensive, intensely integrated, proprietary hardware system capable of tackling a wide range of challenges. Having such a versatile system allows ready variation without slow, problematic re-invention when responding to a project’s specific requirements. Having a proprietary system keeps the solutions fresh and well resolved rather than looking like they have been cobbled together from the lamp parts aisle at the hardware store.

Resolute’s signature finish is grained and anodized aluminum. We feel this finish is the best balance of beauty, performance, value and sustainability.

Shades are the prominent part of decorative lighting fixtures. Resolute’s catalog product line emphasizes the unique “shades” we do: our Xorel shades and our glass shades. However, for custom projects, we are equally adept at more typical fabric shades, metal shades and wire mesh shades.

Resolute has gradually reconfigured almost all of its product line as LED.

Our primary dimming partners are Lutron and Osram Sylvania.