DIRTT Green Learning Center

Calgary, Alberta

Resolute is very proud to have our fixtures showcased at DIRTT’s newly expanded Green Learning Center in Calgary, Canada.  Our companies share a like-minded philosophy:  we both strive to provide well-considered, beautifully designed products with a commitment to environmental sustainability.  Further, both companies believe in customizable products built from kits of compatible components — easily adjusted to suit a project’s scope and scale.

DIRTT specified fifteen SMITH pendants and three custom LINTEL beam-shaped fixtures to illuminate several of its new showroom spaces.

The custom LINTEL beams measure 78” x 9” x 9” and 48” x 9” x 9”; environmentally-responsible Carnegie Xorel shade fabric is permanently bonded to opal white acrylic bottom and top diffusers.  The fixtures are suspended by aircraft cables and utilize T5 fluorescent lamps.  Shade fabrics include Xorel Meteor 6427-705, 6427-714, and 6427-751.

A collection of Ø 21” and Ø 28” x 9” high SMITH pendants are covered in the same fabrics.

DIRTT is an award-winning manufacturer of reconfigurable architectural solutions.  DIRTT’s modular wall system is an adaptive approach to rapid construction,  founded on a commitment to lessening the waste stream, carbon footprint and energy use.

The expansion to DIRTT’s Green Learning Center opened in January 2013.