Greenwood branch of The Seattle Public Libraries.

Interior Designer: Theresa Benny, Theresa Benny Interior Design

Lighting Designer: Richard Spry, Studio Lumen

Resolute helped solve a difficult lighting problem. The space was well lit by natural light in summer but too dark in winter. A challenging acoustic ceiling tile system complicated addressing the issue. High output electronic dimming fluorescent fixtures were employed in conjunction with sophisticated controls. Diffusion was carefully considered for maximum light output balanced against producing too much glare.

In the very high main space, Smith 28 pendants with 4x 36W CFL lamps were modified to hang from special “X” support frames. Shades covered in Xorel Flash Back 6615-F20. Smith 23 pendants were used along the perimeter windows to balance lost light on overcast days. These pendants used special lower diffusion disks to get more light down. Custom Smith 17-5 ceiling fixtures were developed to be used in very dark, low ceiling areas – a challenging situation! The fixtures are shallow and as with the Smith 28’s, are lamped with dimming high output lamps (2x 42W). Shades 17″ diameter x 5″ high. The Smith 17 shown below (lower right) is similar to the design used on this project but in a different fabric and with low output illumination.