BONNEVILLE MANIFOLD offers a synthesis of elemental form. Sheet steel, aluminum or brass is hand formed to achieve faultless, mark-free, radiused corners…

Bonneville Moons


MOON’s surface is formed on an English Wheel, its lip is hand turned. A single brass rivet punctuates the convex dome…

Portaluppi in studio


PORTALUPPI embodies the essence of Milano: utterly restrained, favoring precise attention to detail…

Eugenie on cloth cord


EUGÉNIE is refined opulence, a hand-blown crystal bauble with an intentionally random martelé surface…

Pagliaccio cluster


PAGLIACCIO is bubbles of fun, a clear hand-blown sphere with permanently fused colored accent orb…

Towering Paper Lanterns

Leslie Mackie and Alex Maughan at Macrina Bakery

Macrina Bakery & Cafe


FALSTAFF is a substantial character, hefty belly wrap glass is suspended from robust hardware…

STURGIS selected for Sawyer

MOSQUITOs cluster in Seattle office

The design team of SABArchitects, Robin Dalton Design and Nell Studio asked Resolute to scale up MOSQUITO to better suit a Seattle office space.  Twelve each of 48″, 60″ and 72″ diameter by 18″ tall fixtures are sprinkled throughout the project. MOSQUITO is a member of THE WOODS family of fixtures.   MOSQUITO is formed of sustainable, lightweight, marine-grade Okoume plywood.  The frame is cut on Resolute’s CNC router, assembled,