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With a nod to Seattle’s distinguished history of airplane manufacture, Graham Baba Architects and Niteo Lighting selected Resolute’s BOMBER to accent the new 15,800 sf Alaska Airlines lounge, a part of a two-year upgrade and expansion of the North Satellite at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Two custom sizes were selected: Ø38″ by 34″ tall and
Ø25″ by 60″ tall. Aluminum shades have patinated exteriors and gold leafed interiors.

4x Ø38″ by 34″ tall
4x Ø25″ by 60″ tall

Aluminum shades hand formed using hammer and English wheel.
Bucks (control guides) were specially developed for the custom shapes.
Nose cowls spun specifically for the project.

“Cold brass” patinated exterior, gold-leafed interior.

Illumination provided by 3x down-facing 10 watt 955 lumen LED modules with opal white fabric inner diffusion disk.