DOUBLE STURGIS stacks two 4″ diameter cylindrical shades with a gap between. A 2″ diameter core is visible in the gap. The core supports two 10W Resolute Simple LED modules; one up facing and one down facing. Internal reflection bounces light off the core and illuminates the gap between the upper and lower cylinders.

Cylinders are tank rolled aluminum mounted with low-head screws.

Airplane polish, or Lustre or Matte natural or warm aluminum exterior. Custom finishes available by request.

The wall fixture variation is post mounted to the core and features a quietly distinctive wall plate.

Cores on DOUBLE STURGIS are typically gold, silver or copper leafed but can also be specified in Garage Finishes or Colors.

Pendants (and Rigid Drops) are also available in hybrid versions with SORAA PAR 20 lamps and optional SNAP fittings in the down facing position for controlled punch.

Colored cloth covered cord is offered in a wide variety of colors to customize the look of the cord-hung pendant.

Nothing is really fixed with Sturgis. Shade lengths are easily varied. Finishes are wide open as are mounting and configuration opportunities. The unique characteristics of the system have been exploited to create compositions as grand as four stories tall.

STURGIS is hand crafted to order.