June 2021

Resolute is transitioning from 12 “stock fabrics” to a broadened SELECTION of 44.

Carnegie has worked hard over the last decade to greatly expand and improve options in Xorel weaves, colors, patterns, and sheens. We are excited to include some of these new options in our expanded collection. 

The selections are broken up into the following groups:

NEUTRAL&MATTE (8 colorways)

There are also two groups structured especially for use on The Woods: WOODS (8) and WOODS TEXTURE (8). These groups utilize fabrics from the above selections.

The three basic groups (NEUTRAL&MATTE, COLOR, TEXTURE&PATTERN)offer 24 choices appropriate for use on almost all our fixture families.

Two of our most popular fabrics are carrying forward to the new selections- the others have been replaced with superior options.

Our selections are based on performance while illuminated. There can be a tremendous difference in appearance between fabric transmitting (as opposed to reflecting) light. 

We will gradually expand the selection through the addition of further Features over time. Features are generally targeted at specific fixture families to which they are uniquely suited.

Pricing varies by mill cost of the fabric, as well as yield and other fabrication considerations.

The term “Special Selection” will be applied to all fabrics that fall outside of our standard range, but will be readily accommodated! There is a cost impact on smaller quantity orders, but significant projects will be minimally affected.

In addition, 10 fabrics from Carnegie’s “knit” family are stocked exclusively for Marcel.