PUNCHEON’s system of upright cylinders adapts beautifully to wall applications.

PUNCHEON shades are closed on top and bottom;  satin clear high impact copolymer top and bottom diffusion disks are permanently affixed to shade sides. 

Shade sides are comprised of an impact resistant copolymer covered with Carnegie Fabric’s XOREL fabric.  XOREL is an incredibly durable, easily cleaned, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, colorfast, woven polyethylene suitable to high traffic public areas.   

Shades are mounted using a simple magnetic system.

Hardware has a matte silver, black or oil rubbed bronze powder coat finish.

P59WS: Shade Ø 5.5″ x 9

P515WS: Shade Ø 5.5″ x 15″

P520WS: Shade Ø 5.5″ x 20″

10W integrated LED, 6.5″ projection from wall.

P109WS: Shade Ø 10″ x 9″

P1018WS: Shade Ø 10″ x 18″

10W integrated LED, 11.5″ projection from wall.

SN05: Shade Ø 5.5″ x 3.5″

10W integrated LED, 6.25″ projection from wall.

Fixtures may be mounted shade up or shade down.

EnergyStar certified

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