East Seattle Partners

Resolute worked with Seattle architectural practice Public 47 on applications of our Marcel and Puncheon concepts to light new offices for East Seattle Partners.

Puncheon magnetic attachment


PUNCHEON shades are closed on top and bottom; satin clear high impact copolymer top and bottom diffusion disks are permanently joined to shade sides…


A slate of uncompromisingly resilient Smith fixtures is available for E26 (medium base) screw in lamps…

PUNCHEON Shallow Ceiling

Moving PUNCHEON to integrated 10W LED allows shallower shade options and better technical specifications…

Savoye rigid drop


SAVOYE is an exceptionally flexible system of large scale pendants.

PURITY Disk Wall / Ceiling

PURITY’s disk is available in three diameters to suit any location.

Black wall with white interior


Utterly practical and useful, UTILITY now offers 10W integral LED illumination…

STELLA 13, 15

STELLA 13 and 15 are the stars above.

PURITY Square Wall / Ceiling

PURITY Square Wall/Ceiling is available in two sizes

SMITH Ceiling

Always resilient SMITH shines in ceiling applications. Now furnished with integral LED modules, SMITH ceiling fixtures are maintenance free…