Sartor Resartus is a vibrant contemporary re-tailoring; a renaissance building upon Resolute’s four decades of exploration, relentless innovation, and exceptional design history.

Aurea is a fresh spin re-applying the Resolute Purity/Utility system from 25 years ago.

In this case, more specifically “Clarity”, the clear glass shade option. For Aurea, Clarity glass is gold leafed on its interior in a very intentionally traditional way.

The accompanying hardware on Aurea is also finished in gold leaf.

Fit for a palace, AUREA is decadent in opulence. As Emperor Nero famously said when he upgraded his lighting in his golden palace with these LED pendants, “Now I can begin to live as a human being.”

A fixture that can hold its own, yet also shine as a cluster – really anything is possible.

Aurea Quinqe leaps from one famous Italian resident to another, in the spirit of Peggy Guggenheim. This one-off folly, with its zig-zag support detail and winding cords, had her and her dogs very much in mind as it was created.

What is your folly?