Sartor Resartus is a vibrant contemporary re-tailoring; a renaissance building upon Resolute’s four decades of exploration, relentless innovation, and exceptional design history.

Ben was a mainstay of Resolute’s Glass Lights Collection in the 1990’s. Mostly sold with a clear “window” at the bottom of the pear shape glass, it was also sold, as shown here, in single color. This pink glass sample was blown at that time.

Original Ben was built around a bi-pin halogen lamp hence the 100% enclosure and unique camera lens lock attachment method. The rings and caps were cast aluminum forcing fairly large production runs. The suspension cord was a specially produced very high temperature wire, forcing batches of thousands of feet.

Jumping nearly 30 years later, LED technology now exists that brings Ben back! A 360 lumen TALA G9 JCD LED lamp replaces the bi-pin halogen. Ferocious heat is quenched and this eliminates the original fixture’s electronic transformer simplifying the ceiling canopy. Stereo lithography allows 3D printing to replace large runs of machined sand castings. The resulting flexibility moves the Ben concept from a rigid catalog product to a custom problem solver.

Watch this space blossom!