Bombo is an Ethan Stowell restaurant in the new 573,770 SF “Summit” expansion of the Seattle Convention Center.

Graham Baba Architects were inspired by the agricultural sources behind the restaurant’s Italian cuisine.

A collection of “smudge pots” was imagined as a focal point for the bar. While the forms and finishes of well used smudge pots were intriguing, rusting metal and burned diesel residue were not appropriate for a restaurant!

Resolute took the inspiration and created the feeling in a responsible way.

Three stacks of mock pots, roughly 10′ tall, are clustered together. Pots are laser cut, rolled and welded. A variety of metal patinas were applied and then over sprayed with tinted and clear automotive lacquer. The resulting columns are illuminated by high output dedicated LED spots. Interior baffles of brass mesh create a lively sparkle.

Graham Baba Architects

SparkLab Lighting Design