A neighborhood in Leeds, a park, a railway stop, and a nod to 19th century engineering and the birth of industrialism, BURLEY PARK is a response to our own questions of our industry.

Leeds illuminates the transition from craft to industry – a critical location in the story of the industrial revolution. Alice herself, a 19th century English girl, questioning her own identity in a world of oddities and paradoxes.

As designers at Resolute, we are classically trained to create products suitable for production, made in series with the help of mechanization and commercial structures. But with a premise like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it should be obvious we’ve been curious: what happens if we profoundly question the market of industrial design in whole?

We find ourselves in a unique position of utilizing industrial processes and re-embracing craft. The result is a bundle of contradictions and absurdities that we delight in and brings our customers, our collaborators, joy.

BURLEY PARK debuts as both a wall sconce and a floor lamp. Both feature reflective dishes with slots to be angled, spun and revealed. Blackened steel contrasts the gold leaf interiors. The outcome is a potent reflective surface to direct light and drama, the slots providing a glimpse into the source of the hand applied interior.

The floor fixture sits atop long, slender walnut legs with steel boots and pink soles, its cord supported with a polished brass detail.