Resolute worked with Seattle architectural practice Public 47 on applications of our Marcel and Puncheon concepts to light new offices for East Seattle Partners.

Marcel was deployed in two custom sizes​:​ “large” (~ Ø 32″) and “larger” (~Ø 51″). Puncheon Ceiling was utilized in the “small” size (Ø 5″ x 3.5″).

A large quantity of the Puncheon fixtures provide general circulation illumination. Five of the larger Marcel anchor a central two-story open space, with merely oversize Marcel utilized in the office and conference spaces. Project-specific large ceiling canopy faceplates allow for adjustment of the fixtures, assuring they can be mounted exactly in the center of each space even where conflicts preclude the junction boxes from being on center.

Marcel’s soft sound characteristics (soft knit fabric with plush batting, over a natural fiber core and natural cork interior) were effectively married with the building’s softwood ceilings. Marcel’s carefully balanced +90CRI up and downlight brings the ceilings to life and provides effective general illumination.

The warm glow of Puncheon also enhances the richness of the wood ceilings. They replace what would typically be recessed ceiling cans. Can lights do nothing to illuminate the ceiling.

Puncheon fixtures were also employed in select covered outdoor locations to emphasize the inside/outside integration of the architecture.

Both sizes of Marcel are in Carnegie Xorel Snap Knit 6019-1 with cork interior liners.

Puncheon Ceiling are in Carnegie Xorel Tangle 6213-10.