Sartor Resartus is a re-tailoring of the past; a hearty embrace of Resolute’s heritage and vibrant contemporary re-invention.

An ornament of the throne, EUGENIE is refined opulence and sure to charm.

A hand-blown glass bauble with an intentionally random martelé surface diffuses, distorts and enhances the light source.

The delicacy goes beyond the glass. Brass detailing pins cloth-colored cords to their support at the appropriate moment, allowing each to wind its way to illumination. Refined, but with personality, always. Subtle, elegant brass arcs balance each fixture, whether as a sconce or a cluster, whether from above or below.

The range of exploration that EUGENIE has taken has only just begun.

‘She still retains the traces of her former beauty. . . . Her shoulders, held rigid and erect, do not so much as touch the back of the armchair. Her hands, extremely delicate, are of a pale amber color. . . . From her whole person there springs a curious impression of majesty, of something hieratic, and of ruin.’ – The Tragic Empress by Maurice Paleologue