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Herban Feast‘s SODO Park venue received a sparkling new look: FLC recommended RESOLUTE’s Eugénie pendants — suspended in the soaring events space from a series of sleek metal soffit panels.

Eugénie’s elegance is a delightful contrast to the century old 7,500 sf former manufacturing facility’s rough exposed wood structure.

For ease of installation, pendant drop lengths were pre-set at RESOLUTE, cluster wiring contained entirely within the soffit. Only one electrical connection per panel was required at the ceiling.

All glass spheres were protected by individual packaging to be removed only after the soffit was securely hung and leveled.

A total of 40 Eugénie pendants in all, eight are suspended at variable drop lengths from each of five 20″ x 56″ x 2.25″ dark bronze soffit panels. Panels are attached to the ceiling with stainless steel aircraft cable.

Eugénie spheres were hand blown in three sizes: Ø5″, Ø7″ and Ø12″. The two larger sizes use E26 medium base sockets and 5 watt G25 LED globes; the smallest uses a E12 candelabra socket and 3 watt G16.5 LED globe.

Pendant drop lengths vary from 38″ to 54″; spheres hang on olive cloth covered cord.