An absolute gentleman.

Quiet unless one seeks conversation when the hint is answered by fascinating yet utterly discrete stories from decades of working in Milan’s center. You know you are hearing tales of the very, very famous but nothing is ever salacious.

These are friends that come to the bar.

The drinks are exquisite and prepared so calmly you are surprised when they appear (and you are watching the entire process across only a narrow, gently curved bar).

New drinks are proposed, decades in advance of general trends. The subtleties of every ingredient are patiently explained. No detail is ever missed.

If your intent is to learn Italian, the gentleman speaks to you in Italian, slowed down and clarified for your benefit. If you only speak English, his is perfect. French, Spanish, German, Greek, Turkish – no problems.


Quietly but precisely lit with an LED micro puck. Most often antique brass with polished brass detail but can be done in other languages as well; aluminum, steel… we haven’t done carbon fibre yet but could do.

Try the drink, I think you will enjoy it.