RESOLUTE is inextricably linked to Seattle. The company rose in the 80’s as the Seattle sound took over the world. Indeed, many of the players in “the scene” worked at Resolute or were good friends. They say you are never more than a meter from a rat in London. It is probably true that you are never farther than a block away from an installation of Resolute lights in Seattle.

Jim Graham of Graham Baba Architects and Erik Crowell of Niteo Lighting Design were tasked with bringing a bit of “Seattle” into the massive “Summit” expansion of the Seattle Convention Center.

At the 9th Avenue Market entry to the complex “Seattle” inspirations range from aerospace, rain, coffee, beer and grunge.


A squadron of wings fly over stairways to the main level of the convention center. With a subtle nostalgic nod to traditional aircraft construction these are riveted aluminum. Bounced illumination is provided by high CRI LED. The wings vary in width with beam spreads tunable by adjusting the height of the source in the channels carrying the LED. As we are in Washington State, it follows the entire installation is managed with sophisticated daylighting controls.

Wings are natural aluminum lustre and the steel structures below are finished in the ubiquitous “Seattle black” (black oxide + wax).


Upstairs from the wings, a grid of 214 PURITY Pendants hang over the transitional entry space to the retail portion of the facility. In time this will be populated with northwest themed stores, coffee shop, tasting room, etc.

These PURITY are fitted with reflecting saucers and are finished in a light warm lustre.


On the prominent end wall in the entry is a two story high curated collection of notable Seattle music posters.

To light these posters a pipe structure was created and fitted with very long “scoops”. Again high CRI LED is utilized with special care given to the reflective shape and character of the scoops.

A sheet metal tour de force hand crafted by RESOLUTE and finished in “Seattle black”.

Graham Baba Architects

Niteo Lighting Design

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