Hatback Bar and Grille is named for the way Seattle all star baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. wore his ball cap: backwards.  Directly across the street from Seattle’s T-Mobile Park, this popular destination for pre and post game baseball traffic was designed by SHKS architects.  Working closely with Resolute Lighting, a suite of four custom lighting fixtures along with one of Resolute’s catalog fixtures, was designed for the space.

Over the main entry to the restaurant there is a fixture named Bomber, as it resembles an airplane nacelle .  It is a catalog product, but finished in two of Resolute’s Garage Finishes for aluminum: a Natural Lustre exterior, and a Warm Lustre interior.  There are two of these in the space, the second is also along the east wall.

The entry Bomber sets the stage for the five custom sized Bombers located over the bar.  Each custom Bomber is Ø 25” and 22” tall, each with the same Natural Lustre/Warm Lustre finish as the entry Bomber.

To the right, near the open kitchen, there is a row of five circular dining tables with round booths.  Suspended above each of these tables is one of Resolute’s Fabrizio fixtures.  These Ø 1.25” x 17” tall 95 CRI 2700K down light fixtures have Natural Lustre finished aluminum barrels with contrasting polished brass trim rings, highlighting the light source with a precious detail.

On either side of the three wood columns running down the center of the space, there are six Colonne sconces.  These are wall fixtures patterned after Resolute’s Colonne pendant.  Eight okoume plywood ribs stained Summer Oak surround a Ø 5” cylindrical aluminum shades with Warm Lustre finish.  Inside the cylinders are two SORAA 92 CRI 2700K PAR 20 LED lamps; one up facing and one down facing, for illumination up and down the face of each column.

Suspended at the far end of the row of columns is a single Victoires feature pendant.  This massive fixture’s shade is Ø 32” and 42” tall, with 12 okoume plywood ribs with Summer Oak finish radiating from an illuminated Ø 7.5” aramid inner diffusion tube.  Inside this tube there are  up and down facing 90+ CRI 2700K LED sources.  At the bottom hub of this fixture, there is a single directional 95 CRI 2700K LED down facing spot light.  All of this is suspended by aircraft cable from the ceiling attached to a 45” long Ø .5” aluminum tube atop the shade, finished in Warm Lustre.

SHKS Architect’s contribution to Resolute’s design efforts for this space’s decorative light fixtures produced a family of fixtures which seamlessly incorporate and highlight the extensive interiors effort on the part of SHKS.  The result is a lively and energetic space, very suitable for the intended clientele.

SHKS Architects

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