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Contemporary art collectors Susie McGee and Mark Lowdermilk offered free rein to Resolute to develop three light fixtures for their downtown Seattle Hillclimb Court residence. The iconic Hillclimb Court condominium project was designed in the early 1980s by Olson Walker Architects; Nick Ladd of Olson Kundig Architects guided the residence update.

The entry hallway contains JULES VERNE, an homage to the “lighter than air” craft with which mankind would master the skies in Verne’s Robur the Conqueror of 1886. The Okoume wood structure with kraft paper wrapped wire bands features a central spine carrying seven directional LED modules. JULES VERNE casts an appropriately rich weave of shadows on the walls and ceiling of the space.

MILITAIRE stands at attention in a bathroom. The adjustable mirror sconce rotates to appropriately aim an LED array diffused by a borosilicate glass lens. The milled and braised brass structure sports an antiqued patina; it spews a gold braided cord.

The master bathroom accents its vanity with PURITY 125. The minimalist solid brass fixture is pared to its essence. It combines antiqued and polished finishes and features a directional LED light source.

Seattle Magazine once described McGee’s and Lowdermilk’s art collection as alive with piercing eyes, outstretched limbs and bodies in motion…loose-limbed energy that recalls folk and outsider art. Of her collection, Susie mused, “We collect when we are immediately struck by something. For us it’s like: bam!”

Resolute hoped to match that spirit with three individualistic, hand crafted and rather unexpected fixtures.

Ø 15″ x 42″ long
Okoume wood structure bound with kraft paper wrapped wire bands.
7x 153 lumen 95+ CRI 3000K lensed directional LED modules.
Summer Oak stain on wood; gold leaf on metal collars and spine.
Brass mesh covered cord.
Suspended by aircraft cable.

Overall length: 21″
Overall depth: 5.25″
Rotating body: Ø 2.25″
Milled and braised solid brass body with antiqued patina.
LED array; borosilicate glass lens.
Gold fabric covered cord.

Ø 1.25″ x 17″ head inclusive of 0.125″ ring
Ø 0.5″ rigid mounting stem
Solid brass with antiqued and polished finishes.
Directional 153 lumen 95+ CRI 3000K lensed LED light source.