Mahlum Architects selected Sturgis and Mosquito for their new offices.

The office occupies a full floor of the 1920’s Terminal Sales Building in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market neighborhood.

STURGIS pendants are used throughout. These are uniformly 19″ long and finished in Resolute’s “warm lustre” with the tone adjusted to the Architect’s preference. A variety of SORAA LED PAR lamps and SNAP fittings are utilized. Beam spreads determined by evaluating test samples in the space during construction.

Four Ø48″ Mosquito fixtures hover in the office’s central space. The wood on these is finished in a custom green Rubio Monocoat blend specified by the architect. Covering fabric is Carnegie XOREL Flashback 44.

Rubio Monocoat is a wonderful premium finish option on Mosquito. Linseed oil based with 0% VOC, richly beautiful and supremely durable.

The project was extremely responsible in all aspects. Resolute is always happy to assist with LEED, Living Building Challenge, Red List documentation and similar.

Carnegie Xorel’s sustainability pedigree is well known.

Mahlum Architects

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