Pine Street Group, developers of the recent Seattle Convention Center expansion and LMN Architects desired a distinctive meeting point near the main entry of the expansive 1.5 million SF new building.

LMN’s design for the exhibition and meeting spaces stress open space. To achieve that, innovative, very, very long structural spans were employed.

Design architects, Graham Baba hoped to gather a collection of vintage sheet metal and neon signs to bring the spirit of the vibrant (and a little gritty) Pike/Pine neighborhood into the project. Very strict point load limits made this impossible.

The cluster of signs, including the supporting frame to structure could weigh no more that 250 lbs.

Resolute tackled the challenge with aluminum, aluminum composites, faux finishes and humor.

The resulting composition weighed in at an astonishing 75 lbs.

LMN Architects

Graham Baba Architects

Niteo Lighting Design