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Enzo Ferrari invented a derogatory term, Garagiste, for the upstart English Formula 1 builders who started to beat his team regularly in the late 1950’s. They designed cars on kitchen tables and built them in tumbledown garages, without the benefit of large engineering offices or sophisticated factories. Ferrari scoffed at these little teams, unable to afford to develop and produce their own engines. Especially Lotus and Cooper. These plucky teams exploited every edge that remained. They were smarter. They were unconventional.

When Resolute closed for the “stay home – stay safe” quarantine, I rejoiced.  The lull presented a perfect opportunity to revamp our catalog, to make it a more comprehensive reflection of Resolute’s character and capabilities.

Over the last few years, custom work for secretive tech companies has dominated our business — to the neglect of launching new product.

We’re finally getting caught up.  We hope to introduce a new concept each week through fall. 

These new products weren’t created out of nothing. New products come from messing around. We mess around a lot, making all kinds of things. Often they don’t light up, sometimes they even drive fast. We make things for the sheer joy of solving problems, creating quality, living with dignity.  The challenge of making is our reward.

To better illustrate the dichotomy of Resolute, we’ve reorganized our website. We have on one side our Resolute Solutions, our collection of ready systems that may act as starting points for easy variation. Resolute Solutions is supported by a price list. On the other side is our Resolute Garage. The Garage is Resolute’s creative space. Separate from repetition. Safe from words like “sensible”. A place to get a little crazy. 

Our Resolute Solutions catalog is essentially our storefront, but we encourage everyone to visit Resolute Garage as well. It might be messy, there may not be anything relevant. It is fun to visit nonetheless. If the Garage starts to look like a proper business, we aren’t messing around enough! Time to get back to play!

Time to beat Ferrari.

Douglas Varey, Founder