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RESOLUTE worked with new homeowner, Steve Kaneko, a recently-retired Microsoft executive and one of the 40 most influential technology design innovators according to ID Magazine, to bring to fruition his concept for a matching pair of light fixtures.  The fixtures are an important feature of a respectful restoration of a classic later-mid-century Ralph Anderson home in Clyde Hill, a neighborhood in Bellevue.

Ralph Anderson was an iconic Northwest architect known particularly for his natural materials, soaring peaked ceilings, and view-capturing windows. 

The project began with a study model in foam core and wood built by Kaneko.  Brent Markee, a UW Industrial Design classmate of Steve’s, led the Resolute team to interpret Steve’s scheme in terms of constructibility and to optimize pleasing light output.

The Kaneko fixtures bring together three primary materials:  
Blackened steel laser cut plates and welded chassis; white oak stained to compliment light-washed cedar interior walls and ceilings; and an aramid composite “paper” interior shade.  

Fixtures are mounted on rigid stems over a central stair, immediately visible from the home’s main entry.

Ross Eckert of Graham Baba was Project Architect for the home renovation.

Shade assembly measures 7” x 7” x 42” overall

VLT 2700K 95+CRI linear LED
19.5W per fixture
1935 source lumens

Lutron Hi-lume Premier 0.1% EcoSystem LED driver;
Lutron PowPak remote dimming module;
Lutron Pico dimming remote controller

Blackened steel
Stained white oak
Aramid composite “paper”