Resolute was asked to provide a lighting design and fixture package for Pagliacci Pizza’s remodeled Ballinger location in Shoreline north of Seattle.

This location has high sloped ceilings which create large, dramatic but awkward volumes. The centerpiece of our concept for this store is six Stella 43 dropped at staggered heights.

Stella 43: Summer oak stained marine plywood with gold leafed hardware. Typical Stella 43 rigid drop was adapted to a cable suspended pendant with red cloth cord. Offset canopies were provided to adapt to existing j-box locations.

All Pagliacci remain open during remodels and upgrades so careful planning and clever design solutions go into each location.

The package also includes Vanity dropped from suspended beams. Vanity pendants in matte black with gold leaf interiors and red cloth cords. Two or three pendants per beam. Vanity utilizes a dedicated 10W LED light engine and is EnergyStar rated. 

The package also included two, five head, Purity 225 rigid drop beams to illuminate the point of sale/service counters. These use 36° SORAA spot lamps.

Project Architect: Floisand Studio