A mainstay of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, PORTALUPPI is the most sensible of the nonsensical. These fixtures represent a tranquil simplicity. A fervent style that remains timeless and classic, but never gaudy and excessively ornate. Aiming to create a series that speaks to the work of the late Piero Portaluppi, the quiet yet influential Milanese Architect with a sense of humor, these fixtures can stand alone or with a crowd of PORTALUPPI friends to laugh with.

The brass conical hardware within PORTALUPPI is a design detail which repeats itself throughout the line.  Doubling as a discrete lamp holder cover, it adds an opportunity for visual weight, with finishing to match the rest of the fixture.

A series of adaptations. Change the lamp, change the stem, on the ceiling or the wall. Variations in length and proportion make these functional, tangible and playful for many applications. 

What will you dream up?