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RESOLUTE fabricated a coffee table size game table for the virtual reality game company using reclaimed bowling alley surface from Indiana.

A Rec Room “face” logo was routered into the table top, painted, then the surface was rubbed with oil and waxed.

The table top sits on a welded steel base with welded steel leg covers. One of the four legs is a precisely scaled replica of the Rec Room game’s “Maker Pen” — a tool used to create items in the virtual reality environment — manufactured in nostalgic tin-toy style

Resolute’s SAVOYE provides illumination overhead.

40″ x 42″ coffee table

Table top is repurposed maple and fir bowling alley flooring with new maple edge. The logo was routered into wood surface, logo painted, then the table top was oiled and waxed.

Steel table frame, steel forms cover legs.

Precise scale replica of RecRoom’s Maker Pen in tin toy style forms one leg.

Ø 60″ SAVOYE overhead, custom Dark Brass finish on hardware.