Rec Room Inc.’s large conference room was allocated two LINTEL 76-9 pendants in the virtual reality gaming company’s lease. Rec Room opted to reinforce the room’s tongue-in-cheek hot rod theme — as referenced in the “Dragster” race car tubing/bowling alley conference table — by adding a “Speedway” Wrap.

The frame was formed with hoops of 1/2″ aluminum tubing. Sockets were milled into connecting tubes and hoops press fit into the sockets with tooling created on the CNC router. Hoops were tack welded to the rails.

The frame components were bead blasted with crushed glass, then a soft gold patina applied.

The Speedway Wrap can easily be removed to exit with the tenants at the conclusion of the lease.

The 1/2″ aluminum tubing frame measures 39″ wide x 195″ long x 9″ high. It encircles two LINTEL 76-9 pendants hung end to end.

The aluminum surface was bead blasted with crushed glass for a matte texture then a soft gold patina was applied.