A remotely controlled, colorful LED back lit wall sign for virtual reality game company Rec Room Inc. unites the latest technology with meticulous handwork.

The MDF pattern and aluminum sign blanks were programmed and cut on the CNC router.

Letters were hand shaped to MDF forms to give the impression of a thick slab of aluminum, then lustre polished. The face logo has a TIG welded flat bar perimeter to suggest cast aluminum pieces; logo elements were ground, sanded, and mirror polished.

Periodic button heads outline the sign body, providing punctuation to the lustre polish finish.

A combination of luminous panels and LED tape creates two zones of RGB color controlled by wireless app.

The 96″ x 67″ wall sign is cleated to the wall, three decorative pairs of painted aluminum legs stand below.

Aluminum sign body and letters have lustre polish finish. Inset “face” logo is made distinct with a mirror polish finish.

Two types of illumination are employed within the sign:

RGB LED tape from Omnify is strategically placed behind the welded “face” logo to provide continuous perimeter illumination.

Two large edge lit acrylic RGB LED panels from Omnify are positioned behind the Rec Room lettering. A diffusion panel of frosted clear high-impact copolymer is sandwiched between the edge lit panels and the lettering cutout.

Three fully programmable LED Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) operated control modules from Casambi control brightness, color changes and are capable of responding to a litany of devices from daylight and motion sensors to remote switches.