“What a dome, that vies in rank with the nine spheres of heaven!
In this work a perfect master has displayed the whole of the
architectural science.”

Tursun Beg, 15th Century Ottoman historian

SOPHIA is a nod to the magnificent dome of Hagia Sophia, a dome whose design has weathered the test of time.

SOPHIA’s aluminum shade with rolled lip may be hand formed in diameters from 18″ to 24″. A small inverted dome bounces its 15W LED light source off the dome’s painted — or glittering Gold or Silver leafed — interior to create an ethereal sphere of light.

A Matte Black powder coat exterior serves as contrast.

Using aircraft cable and free cord suspension, the fixture can hang straight or angled to specification.

SOPHIA is hand crafted to order.

Hand formed Ø 24″ aluminum shade with rolled lip..

15W universal voltage LED, 90 CRI, TRIAC dimming.

Aircraft cable and free cord suspension, Inclined Pendant angled as specified.

Shown here:
Ø 24″ diameter Inclined Pendant, Matte Black powder coat, Georgia Clay interior.
Ø 24″ diameter Pendant, Matte Black powder coat, Gold leaf interior.

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