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Bar lantern pattern

RESOLUTE collaborated with Graham Baba Architects and Niteo Lighting to embellish Alaska Airlines’ new North Satellite Lounge bar with thirteen surface mounted lanterns.

An adaptation of the STURGIS shade, the tank-rolled aluminum cans are brass plated inside and out. Lantern exteriors have an applied antique finish, the interiors are bright brass.

Lanterns are uplit with a waterproof LED module to resist bar spills, as well as fully enclosed top and bottom.

A convex mirrored reflector is hidden in the lantern cap to better distribute light through the pattern of perforations.

8″ tall x Ø4″ tank-rolled aluminum shade is formed by welding a quarter rolled tube to quarter rolled top disk.

Perforations are hand punched and hand drilled.

Fixture is lit from below with a flush mounted (in the bar surface) waterproof LED.

Hardware for a convex mirrored reflector is welded into the shade cap.