Steelheads Alley is a bar and brewery space in the complex called The Boxyard, across the street from the home of Seattle’s baseball stadium, T-Mobile park.  Named after the 1946 Seattle Steelheads, this bar pays homage to Seattle’s Negro League baseball club of the same name.   The brewery is the newest location for Métier Brewery, led by Rodney Hines.

Steelheads Alley’s space was designed by SHKS Architects, and the decorative lighting fixtures were designed by Resolute Lighting in cooperation with SHKS Architects.  Resolute designed two fixture types for this project, in addition to employing one of our catalog products, and fabricating tap list signage for the rotating brewery beer taps.

For along the bar top, Resolute adapted their Utility LED fixture to a double armature, making a double headed down facing hard mounted fixture, illuminating with a 10W TRIAC dimming 90+ CRI LED module.  The inner shade is orange, the exterior shade and armature are Resolute’s Warm Lustre finish, and a section of orange cloth covered electrical cord can be seen poking out of the stem on the back side of the fixture for a design detail.

For the wooden bench backs, Resolute designed the Steelheads Sconce out of laminated layers of CNC router cut okoume marine plywood, finished with Summer Oak stain.  The 10W 90 CRI LED is recessed deep in the bottom face of the fixture, a lip on the leading edge helps obscure the LED module from accidentally being directly looked into while seated.

There are two Bomber fixtures in the space.  Both with Warm Lustre patinated exterior, and inner orange painted shades, they reflect the finish of the bar fixtures.  The color temperature of the LEDs on all the fixtures, coupled with the warmth of the metal and wood finishes, complement the warm atmosphere of the interior space.

Last but not least, Resolute was asked to produce a sign to display the brewery tap list that closely resembles a baseball scoreboard.  There were several challenges with this scoreboard.  It had to display the rotating beer names, and the ABV of each beer.  The beer names are changed through slots on the perimeter, the ABV percentages are hung on brass hooks.  A working clock sits atop the sign with a wire guard in front, to prevent breakage from errant baseballs.

The biggest challenge with the scoreboard was in order to change the beer information, the board had to be accessible.  There was no room on either side to deploy ladders.  Resolute worked with Cressy Door and Fireplace to engineer a garage door track and spring balancer mechanism so the sign could be raised and lowered, like a garage door.

SHKS Architects

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