Steiner is part of Resolute’s Savile Row collection – designs that emphasize fabric, with special tailoring and bespoke flexibility.

Unruffled, polished, confident, calm.

The table and floor fixtures utilize 15W Resolute Simple LED. The lozenge pendant utilizes two 15W Simple LED. One up facing, one down facing. Full diffusion is an integral part of both the portable and pendant designs.

Shades are doubled, typically with Pipeline ribbons in various metallic sheens on the outer layers and white, heavily textured Flux on the inner layers. True to the spirit of Savile Row in London, fabric is completely customizable to fit your style and sensibility.

The floor and table stands are snow drifted (TIG brazed) brass; shown in pewter toned finish, but true to curiosity, antiqued, blackened, polished, are all possible. Stands integrate unique milled slots for cord management.

The lozenge pendant is the ultimate tour de force of diffused (but not diminished) illumination – from below and above. Is it more than is typically required? Absolutely, if a Savile Row suit is more than is required. If expectations are high though, Steiner is a match for the occasion.

You wear it well.