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Graham Baba Architects and Niteo Lighting chose Resolute to provide 11 custom table-mounted task lights for the new 15,800 sf Alaska Airlines lounge, a part of a two-year upgrade and expansion of the North Satellite at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

A variation of tank-rolled aluminum STURGIS shades feature a diminishing pattern of perforations.

Shades are brass plated, supported by bent brass stems, mounted on a brass base plate.  An antique patina was applied to the brass exterior, bright brass remains on the shade interior.  Shades are closed on top and bottom. 

Downward facing illumination is provided by a 10 watt LED module protected by a satin clear diffusion disk.

Fixtures are 27″ tall supported by Ø 0.5″ brass stems linked by a pair of brass couplers.

A Ø4″ x 9″ tall brass-plated, tank-rolled aluminum shade is suspended from an 8″ arm.  

Brass base plate measures Ø5.25″.

Perforations in the shades are hand punched and drilled.

Exteriors of the fixtures are antiqued, shade interiors are bright brass to increase reflectivity.

Downward facing illumination is provided by a 10 watt, 2700K, 955 lumen LED module.  A satin clear high impact copolymer diffusion disk seals the bottom of the shade.

TRIAC/ELV 10% dimming, universal voltage.