2607 2nd Avenue, Seattle

The Vitus project was born from three different French design influences: the wood interior details of the iconic “Présidentielle” edition of the Citröen DS, the artistry and aesthetic behind the epic 1967 film “Playtime” by Jaques Tati, and the dystopian computer from the film “Alphaville”, directed by Jean-Luc Godard.

The objective was to create a cascading feature fixture that would fill the staircase in a four story office space.  The challenge was, there is a skylight directly above the fixture, so nothing could be attached to the ceiling.  The solution was to attach all the fixture columns to the stringers of the staircase through horizontal supports, along with the electrical connections.

Resolute’s installation comprises five columns of fixtures: three are cascades of a special 2-piece up/down Sturgis fixtures, developed for this installation, executed in polished aluminum; alternating, are two strings of Resolute’s Colonne fixture featuring polished aluminum rings, inner aramid diffuser, and summer oak stained okoume marine plywood.  These are a subtle, Francophile variation on the Colonna fixture from Resolute’s catalog.

Both styles of fixture illuminate with Resolute’s Simple LED, 10 watt TRIAC/ELV 10% dimming LED modules which produce 831 lumens each at 2700K.  Dimming control is directed from a panel on each floor containing a motion sensor which communicates to Casambi dimming modules integrated in to each fixture set.  The fixtures, starting from a fully dimmed condition, brighten (in sequence, up and down) initiating at the floor where the sensor was triggered.

Either that, or a dictatorial Alpha 60 computer from the future is imposing its theatrical will upon the staircase illumination. Only time will truly tell.

01000001 01101100 01110000 01101000 01100001 00100000 00110110 00110000

Graham Baba Architects
MRJ Constructors
Sparklab Lighting Design

17x Double Sturgis in three strands
Mix of shade lengths: 9″, 12″ and 17″
Aircraft polished aluminum finish
Up and down illumination by two 10W dedicated LED per pair

Similar product: Sturgis

6x Colonne in two strands
Okoume slats gathered by polished aluminum collars around aramid composite shade
Illumination by 10W dedicated LED

Similar product: Colonna