A nod to Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s groundbreaking sound poem, Zang Tumb Tuuum, these fixtures represent the spirit of rebellion and counter invention against a sensible established order.

Zang Tumb Tuuum is ludicrously attenuated, overextended even. MonAMIiii is snuggly close. Two extremes with nothing but freedom in between.

A robustly engineered, spring-loaded system, swivels on multiple axes, offering unlimited potential for user-controlled variation and adaptations.

They like to balance in contradiction, seemingly similar, they are suspended opposites, acting as individuals bouncing around the room, balanced by their freedom of choice. As opposites, they may attract different uses, but they always come together to make something complete.

A room with two moods, a light with two heads.

Illumination is direct/indirect depending on the users’ choices. The light sources are dedicated 10W Resolute Simple LED. They can be controlled simply by TRIAC dimming or more complexly individually controlled by a Casambi mesh network.

Finishes shown here are blackened steel exteriors/structures contrasted with gold leaf interiors/reflectors. While this is a classic pairing, we are not restricted. You have the freedom to choose.