A private residence in Texas.

Francesca Krisli and Laina Navarro, interior designers with Olson Kundig Architects asked Resolute to help realize their vision of a dramatic interconnected light fixture to light a kitchen work space and adjacent dining area. Both ambient and task lighting were to be combined in a unified composition.

Resolute’s Sophia concept was utilized for four down facing heads, a pair over the kitchen island and a pair over the dining table. Complementary dishes were created for up facing heads. Sophia providing task lighting with the dishes bouncing ambient light off the wood ceiling.

Correct geometry was absolutely critical. To get the fixture from Seattle to Texas, of course, it all had to come apart and be realistically assembled and installed at the project. With very careful planning it all went like clockwork.

Sophia and the dish forms were fabricated on the English Wheel. We started with generic spinnings (as a time saver) but worked them on the wheel to get the precise profiles that were very important to the designers. The shapes are finished with solid rod welded to their lips and filed smooth.

Exterior finish is black epoxy powder coat. Interiors are gold leafed.

Cups for the LED illumination are hammer formed in a hardwood pattern created by us on our CNC router – again giving us precisely the profiles we were after. After hammering, the forms are smoothed on the English Wheel.

The tubular steel connecting and supporting structure slip fits together with snap connections for the wiring. The ceiling is sloped and ball joints were utilized at the mounting points. Up and down facing luminaries are controlled independently.

In Situ images of this wonderful project can be seen on Olson Kundig’s website (click here).

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