Victory Hall is a 9500 square-foot multi-use space directly across the street from T-Mobile Park, Seattle’s home for baseball.  It is part of the Boxyard complex, alongside Steelheads Alley microbrewery and taproom, and Hatback Bar & Grille.  The Victory Hall  space was designed by SHKS Architects, lighting design is by SparkLab.

SparkLab’s lighting design challenge was to both to create lighting fixtures with enough presence to even be noticed in this massive space, and design fixtures complimentary to the interior.  They accomplished this with a series of Ø 10.5’ and Ø 5’ aircraft cable suspended chandelier rings, each with Ø 5” x 18” tall blackened steel cylinders hung by blackened steel stems from the rings.  Each illuminated cylinder has a laser cut pattern in the surface, a stylized baseball stitch pattern with brass mesh backing, to highlight each stitch.  Every cylinder is lit with a down facing SORAA PAR 20 36º spot.  There are 10 Ø 10.5’ rings with 14 cylinders each, and four Ø 5’ rings with eight cylinders each.  All of the rings have a black stained plywood core, and have inner and outer trim faces, blackened to match the cylinders, with top and bottom tank rolled edges.

On nine of the column faces there are 26” long versions of the chandelier cylinders, each of these with up and down illuminating RGBW LEDs for DMX controlled color changing illumination.   They are illuminated green in these images, but will change color to match whatever Seattle team is playing that evening. From professional baseball, to the Kraken, Sounders, Seahawks, Storm, or OL Reign.

Last but not least in this family of cylinders for this space is the entry way cluster pendant; at 118“ overall drop, this hand blackened trio of Ø 5” cylinders sets the scene for what you will find inside the space.  Each 26” tall cylinder employs one up and one down facing SORAA PAR 20 lamp, once again with 36º beam angle for stunning entry illumination.

25 Pebble wall sconces illuminate the restroom environments.  This Ø 6” version of Resolute’s Moon fixture relies solely on reflected light for illumination, from behind a convex hand-formed blackened steel dish with Moon’s signature solid brass blackened rivet detail on the face.

Also in the project but not pictured, are a series of Manifold wall sconces.  This custom version of the Manifold fixture, is equipped with top and bottom facing frosted copolymer diffusion.  The eight Manifold fixtures are 6” wide, 9” tall, and 3.6” deep, and are hand blackened steel.  Both the Moon and Manifold fixtures are ADA compliant.

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SHKS Architects

Sparklab Lighting Design