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Shaping Bonneville Moon Test light Bonneville Moon Bonneville Moon edge Bonneville Moon

MOON is a sophisticated round-to-oval complement to MANIFOLD.

MOON’s surface is formed on an English Wheel, its lip is hand turned. A single brass rivet punctuates the convex dome.

The fixture’s halo glow is provided by a 10W LED light engine bouncing of a discrete internal reflector.

The option of Gold leaf on the interior adds a warm glow.

Size, shape and finish are flexible.

ADA compliant, EnergyStar rated.

MOON is hand crafted to order.

Shown here:

Ø 10″ round, Ø 13″ round and 11″ oval cluster in Blackened Steel finish.

Ø6″ round in Blackened Steel.

Ø 13″ round, 13″ and 10 1/2″ long ovals in Rose Bronze patina.

Universal voltage, TRIAC/ELV 10% dimming.

Download PDFs for more information

Moon Product Page

Garage Finishes

Project specific approval drawings and instructions will be produced by Resolute