The table top sits on a welded steel base with welded steel leg covers. One of the four legs is a precisely scaled replica of the RecRoom game’s “Maker Pen”…

Northwest Style

Più Veloce: Remaking a Vespa

Bunkhouse Manifold

Work lights, two solutions

Alaska Air Bombers: the long and the short of it

Spill Resistant Bar Can

Eugénie sparkles for Herban Feast

About us

RESOLUTE embraces the finest techniques in craftwork and cutting-edge science in illumination, control electronics and fabrication machinery to produce light fixtures that endure. Our skills range from traditional hand fabrication and glass blowing to CNC manufacturing technology and 3D part printing. We have a system of products that is easily adaptable to suit the quirks of particular projects. We also welcome collaboration with architects and designers on truly custom projects. 

Custom wall arms for PURITY