Strata Architects designed Long Shadows tasting room in Woodinville as a quietly elegant compliment to Long Shadows award wining Washington wines.

Large, shallow dish reflectors were created in aluminum on the English Wheel and finished in a mottled “cold brass” finish. The fixtures are illuminated from below by Resolute’s 15W Simple LED modules.

The suspended reflectors effectively soften and humanize a very large volume.

Additionally, two wall sconce designs were imagined by the architect’s to echo the feeling of the dishes. The taller shape was executed on Resolute’s Purity platform. The second, wider shape utilizes a 10W Simple LED light engine. Metal finishes are similar to the pendants but more restrained. Review samples were produced within a day of the architect’s request very late in the project. A compelling demonstration of Resolute’s underlying systematic technical approach and ready craft skills.

Two sizes: Ø 42″ and Ø 30″
Suspended by aircraft cable.
15W LED illumination.

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A. Purity wall variation with added shade
Shade is slip rolled with tank rolled edges
Mottled warm lustre finish
~ 18″ high
E26 LED lamp

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B. Two aluminum bands, tank rolled edges
Mottled warm lustre finish
~ 18″ wide
10W Simple LED illumination

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